Louise Brown visits the Camlibel Foundation in Turkey

Louise Brown visits the Camlibel Foundation in Turkey

Each month Louise Brown will look at a single organisation and explain what they do and how they support fertility issues, this month she takes a look at the Camlibel Foundation

Louise said: “The struggle to afford IVF treatment is the same for women all over the world, so I was delighted to go to Istanbul, Turkey as a guest of Professor Dr Teksen Çamlıbel, who is setting up a foundation to support women who can’t afford treatment.

“The foundation will be fully up and running by the end of the year but I was a special guest at a gala event, which was attended by around 140 doctors, business people and society figures in Istanbul.

“It was held in Les Ottomans Hotel, alongside the Bosporus, a lovely setting in a beautiful city.”

There was a hectic round of media interviews to tell people about the new organisation

“Professor Dr Teksen Çamlıbel set up the first ever IVF centre in Istanbul following his education in the US. The clinic was the first private IVF clinic in Turkey. Since then the Jinemed health group has helped thousands of families have a baby through seven clinics in four countries including a general hospital.

He has formed the Çamlıbel Foundation to mark the 40th anniversary of his work. As well as supporting families that wish to have a child but can’t realize it due to the increasing treatment costs he also aims to help the development of women in education, science and culture fields. The foundation will help promising women with grant scholarships and incentive awards.

The culture part of the foundation will include literature, art and music. Education will help to train specialists and scientists.

It is good to know that organisations like this are being created around the world, so that people can afford the fertility treatment they need and those with skills to work in fertility treatment get the opportunity to gain qualifications.

For more information at www.camlibelvakfi.com.

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